Monday, October 13, 2014

Down The Lazy River

On October 2 several Wounded Warriors traveled from Fort San Houston to San Marcos for a day of fun.  Ben Kvanli, owner of Olympic Out Door Center, provided kayaks and fees for the float were waived.  Brad Bowen from Adaptive Sports Military Program accompanied the warriors and was right there to offer assistance when needed.  It was a beautiful day to be on the water!!

Two members of Eikon Church floated and visited with the warriors making them feel welcome.  The church also provided lunch for everyone.

This is the first event WWAN has hosted in San Marcos and hopefully the first of many.

Many thanks to Eikon Church for "feeding the troops" and being a welcoming presence.

Thank you Ben for providing all the equipment for the float, waiving fees, etc.

And a special thanks to Brad who is always willing to assist us whether it's finding warriors who would benefit and enjoy an outing, recruiting other coaches/helpers and helping at the event. Your awesome!!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Summer's Over

Susan with grandchildren

Vacation was wonderful but now it's over.  It was great being able to travel and get in quality Grandma Time.  But in the same respect it's good to get back to serving those have given so much for us so we can celebrate family and travel freely through this beautiful country.

A day out at Lazy U Ranch, Seguin, on August 22 was the beginning of a new exciting year of events designed around criteria addressing needs identified through discussions with the chaplain, company commanders, enlisted personnel and recently retired veterans.  While the wounded, injured & ill have been and will continue to be our primary focus we will be including more staff.  For example, the September 5th event was for chaplains who can suffer from compassion fatigue in addition to the challenges of everyday life.
Company B Outing 8/22/14
It's going to be interesting to see where GOD leads us.  Wondering what I mean?  Well several things are happening.  First, the Caron Foundation has approached us about helping them with couples' retreats in this area.  Caron is well established in Pennsylvania as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.   They have developed a new couples counseling program open to veterans (both active and retired) focusing on challenges unique to them.  We have at least two couples scheduled to attend the first Texas retreat this December. Their evaluation and feedback along with that of a local counselor will help in our decision making.  Second, when the ministry first began we hoped for 6 - 8 wounded warriors at an event.  Now, depending on housing and funds, we have to limit the numbers to 30. The ministry is also looking at possibly increasing the number of day events hosted as that would increase the number of people we can give a break and expose to the love of GOD.  Several medically retired soldiers who experienced R&Rs and other ministry activities while in treatment have encouraged us to keep in contact with participants who've retired.  They may be retired but they still need love and stress re-leasers.

The support and generosity of this community is what enables Wounded Warriors at Nebo to continue the ministry. Each time there is an event it is a reflection of you all.  Thank you seems inadequate but it will have to suffice.  THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Archery Tournament

 Dustin Jones recruited seven soldiers and his son Justin  to come to Fredericksburg on Saturday September 20th for an archery tournament sponsored by the Fredericksburg Archery Club. The group enjoyed an evening BBQ and spent the night at Karl and Mary Ranslaben's " White House."

 Several went for a night drive after dinner and were treated to seeing some good wildlife. After a big breakfast Sunday morning, they went to the Kowert Ranch to participate in a 3D archery tourney- for some their first competition. Dustin said it was a "great bunch of people" and a "very laid back and fun tournament." He said it was perfect for  the newbies. David Feller, archery club president, waived the entry fee and the club also treated the group to lunch afterwards. We had given them money for lunch, so Dustin decided to donate that money back to the club in the form or raffle tickets. Several of the soldiers won prizes- that is a win-win-win scenario!!!!  

Dustin has a giving spirit. He works with wounded warriors helping them adjust to their new normal and reintegration. The warriors respond to him because he's one of them and he won't take no for an answer. Keep up the good work Dustin!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Whimsical Design

 Last Tuesday Lisa was the card designer/teacher at WFSC.  Her cards are so whimsical and this was no exception.  We had a choice of bright pink or turquoise for the base. Then everyone selected their own colors for the flowers.  There was no punch for flowers so they were all hand cut.
Lisa explaining next step
Youngest Student
Getting Personal Instrructions

Trying to finish cards so can have lunch

Explaining Wounded Warriors at Nebo activities

Finally Finished!
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Monday, September 8, 2014

Chaplain's Get a Break

When I hear "Chaplain" I think of them ministering to the sick, wounded, troubled, etc.  Chaplain Ginsburg explained that a constant diet of this causes Compassion Fatigue.  In other words they need a break!  That's just what they got.
A day of refreshing, relaxing and renewal was enjoyed by the Chaplains of BAMC.

The Wounded Warriors at Nebo hosted the chaplains at Craig Russell's Lazy U Ranch in Seguin on Friday, September 5.  There were 31 chaplains and family members present.

The quiet outdoors nestled near Lake Placid not only enabled some to sit quietly by the water and catch up on reading scripture but also enabled some to kayak and swim on that lazy stream of water.  Others enjoyed archery, washers, ball toss, chess, scrabble and just plain visiting.

The Seguin First Baptist Church provided a delicious lunch of brisket with all the trimmings  Oh and don't forget those wonderful deserts!

We look forward to our next event at Lazy U Ranch.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Back from Japan

Dottie, Margie, Jackie, Susan
This past Tuesday was especially exciting.  The first student to our first card making class at WFSC stopped by to see us.  Margie Youngblood was on her way to her new assignment in Kentucky.  She was deployed to Japan December, 2012 and just recently reassigned. She became not only a friend but a guide through the "system".  It's really good to have her back in the states.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Company B's Day Out

The company I worked for (many years ago) would issue challenges to see which department could operate for a specified time with the least number of accidents or similar things specific to our department and/or job.  In addition to recognition, the winner received a prize.  Likewise, the WTB (Warrior Transition Battalion) challenges the companies (A, B & C) periodically.  Challenges involve several items relative to their jobs with specific criteria for each.  The company excelling in meeting the criteria are rewarded. Company B (Bravo) was the winner earlier this year.  They requested a day out at Lazy U Ranch. Everything finally came together on Friday, August 22.

Breakfast snacks
Sharon, Susan & I arrived at 8 a.m. to find some wounded warriors, case workers and staff already there setting up tables and ice chests full of water.  They helped us unload the donuts and other breakfast snacks.
More people arriving

All the time more people were arriving.  We ended up with approximately 60 including spouses and children.

There was fishing, bean bag toss, kayaking, chess, scrabble, dominoes and other board games.  Or one could just relax, watch the water or watch the grass grow. Lt. Johansen encouraged all the warriors to participate in several activities.  He said to put a check mark beside their name on the sign in sheet every time they completed an activity.  At the end of the day everyone with 5 check marks would be put in a drawing for a prize to be announced at the time of the drawing. (One night's lodging in Fredericksburg.)

As it got closer to noon and became obvious not everyone was able to attend due to appointments, some called spouses to come join the outing.  Davila's Barbeque catered lunch for us.  They served promptly at noon.  It was a nice surprise to have green beans and parsley potatoes rather than slaw and beans.  Very good food and friendly people.

We loaded up the car and left for home a little before two.  The "party" was still going strong.

Special Thanks to:
 Craig Russell who so generously shares the ranch with veterans both active and retired.
 Ben Kvanli, Olympic Outdoor Center in San Markos, who provided kayaks for the event.

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