Monday, April 6, 2015

Let It Rain or Not

The forecast for the March R&R weekend was rain, rain & more rain (at least it wasn't ice). On Tuesday prior to our guests' Friday arrival there were 48 men, women & children signed up for the weekend.  Thirty seven actually spent a relaxing weekend in Fredericksburg.  They enjoyed the Lenten fish dinner at St. Joseph's Hall, compliments of Knights of Columbus. Then moved to the Methodist church for dessert, orientation and bingo.  It was drizzly/rainy all day but basically stopped during the time the guests were arriving.  Amazingly it didn't start up again until everyone was in for the night.
South Church Members Served Dessert

Cooks & Hosts Saturday Night Dinner
Saturday was overcast with intermittent drizzle.   When everyone gathered at the Catholic Church for Saturday dinner they exchanged stories of how they had spent the day.  Many went to the Nimitz Museum aka The National Museum of the Pacific War.  Most of the children were preteen and older so they really enjoy the museum along with their parents and of course the decant ice cream at Clear River Pecan Co.  Others enjoyed the playground at Market Platz and shops on main street.  After dinner almost everyone headed for the Fritztown Cinema.

Looking back we got some much needed rain with clear periods at just the right times for the visiting wounded warrior families to enjoy their weekend in Fredericksburg.  GOD is good!!

Once again special thanks to the following people and businesses who helped make this weekend successful:

  • Nimitz Museum
  • South Church
  • Knights of Columbus, St Mary's Catholic Church
  • Catholic Daughters, St Mary's Catholic Church
  • Clear River Pecan Co.
  • Fritztown Cinema
  • Sunday House Inn & Suites
  • Mike & Debbie McCurdy
  • John & Peggy Benson
  • Camey Stewart
  • Barbara & Wayne White
  • Sharon & Wayne Massey

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

How Cold Was It??

Friday, 2/27/2015 it was drizzling with temperatures dropping.  That didn't stop three families from traveling to Fredericksburg for the weekend.  They gathered at the Methodist Church where they met some church members who had come out to cook for them and to make them feel welcome.  We enjoyed a Baked Potato & Salad Bar with Ice Cream & Cookies for dessert.

Saturday was a little warmer so we didn't have to deal with ice.  Some of our guests braved the cold to explore main street and sample local ice cream.  Later everyone met at St. Barnabas Episcopal church for a delicious dinner of home made lasagna.  The warmth of the ladies and gentlemen hosting dinner was exceeded only by the laughter of the wounded warrior's children.  After dinner everyone headed for Fritztown Cinema to complete a relaxing day.

 Sunday we were blessed to have two of the families join us for worship.

A special thank you to:
St. Barnabas Episcipal Church,
Fredericksburg United Methodist Church,
Clear River Pecan Company,
Fritztown Cinema,
Sunday House Inn & Suites,

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Spa Day

What a day for the spa!!  It was wet & cold with a little snow thrown into the mix.  However that didn't deter nine (9) women (wives of wounded marines) from leaving Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio and driving to Fredericksburg.

We all met for breakfast at Woerner's Cafe then three of the women went shopping while the other five were pampered with either a manicure, pedicure or massage.

Happy Birthday Hallie
Lunch was complements of the Rathskeller. Everyone was talking at once about shopping, spa experience, places they had been deployed, etc.  We also had the privilege of celebrating Hallie Garza's birthday.  She told us her husband had signed her up to come and told her about it this morning.  Surprise!!

After lunch it was the "shoppers" turn to visit the spa while the others shopped.

Everyone agreed it was a much needed break. As one put it "Everyone Needs a Girl's Day Out!" They headed back home refreshed, ready to resume their care provider role and ready to come back to Fredericksburg with their families.

Of course these events don't happen without the generosity of the Fredericksburg community.  Our thanks to:  Rathskeller who donated lunch
                  The Spa at the Inn on Baron's Creek for special rates
                  Peyton Place Day Spa for discounted rates
                  Woerner's Cafe opened early

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January, 2015, Couple's Retreat

The setting was peaceful, relaxing & inviting as couples checked into the Old Mill Settlement for the weekend.  After getting settled, everyone met at the Cypress Room at Fredericksburg Inn & Suites for a light supper and "Get Acquainted Games" led by Chaplain Ginsburg and his wife Jenelle.

Friday Night Get Together
Some of Saturday Night Hosts
The next morning the chaplain demonstrated how to recognize pitfalls and how to deflect them.  After lunch at Mamacita's, the couples were free to explore Fredericksburg until dinner time.

Memorial Presbyterian Church provided a warm welcome and delicious dinner for everyone.  

Cutting Up
They also presented each couple with a gift bag containing hand made caps for the men and either a cap or scarf for the ladies.  All of the items had been prayed over while being made.  The guys got a kick out of trying on their spouse's gift.

Carlos & Martina Won Quilt
During dinner there were drawings for gifts which included among other things, gift cards, a prayer shawl donated by the Prayer Shawl Ministry at Fredericksburg United Methodist Church and a Quilt donated by the One Quilt Place Quilt Shop.

T.J.'s versionn of Lionel Richie 

T.J. Smith entertained everyone after dinner.  He had people laughing until tears.  Everyone loved him!!  T.J. donated his time and talent to these brave warriors and their spouses.

Angel & John Arroyo

Sunday morning worship started with songs and prayers.  Lt. John Arroyo, a survivor of the April 2nd shooting at Fort Hood, gave his testimony.  He took us through the shooting and the miracles that have occurred since he was shot.  His is an amazing true story of what GOD can do.

Following worship the chaplain covered one more chapter in the "Fearless Marriage".

As with all Wounded Warrior at Nebo events, many volunteers and donations were involved.  We thank you all for your continued support and help!

Old Mill Settlement donated cabins for couples
Clear River Pecan Co. donated box lunches
South Church donated breakfast burritos
Mamacitas donated Saturday lunch
Memorial Presbyterian Church donated Saturday dinner and Caps/Scarves
Alan and Pat Spousta greeted and checked guests into their quarters
Charles Quindry greeted and checked guests into their quarters
Bonnie Grimmer greeted and served couples Friday night
Lee and Nancy Chiles greeted and served couples Friday night
Fbg. United Methodist Church Prayer Shawl Ministry donated payer shawl
One Quilt Place quilt shop donated quilt
Buzz White donated Pecans
Ace Hardware donated Pizza Stone Kit

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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Family Retreat (December 5-7)

The weather was perfect for a parade!! But I'm getting ahead of myself.  We try to make the December R&R or Retreat a family affair.  Part of the reason is the lighted parade in Fredericksburg is fun and beautiful and main street after dark looks like a Dickens Village.  Last year it was literally freezing.  Not so this year.  It was cool but almost no wind so it was great being outside.  Zion Lutheran Church hosted the families  on Friday night with a delicious meal prior to the parade.  In addition, they set up chairs on the street so the families would have a birds eye view of the parade.

Lisa telling Christmas Story

Saturday morning the couples met with Chaplain Ginsburg for some counseling.  While parents were "in class" the children were taken to the Fredericksburg United Methodist Church (FUMC) where Lisa Davis told them the story of Christ's birth.

Donna demonstrating making a tree

Then Donna Lafferty and Louise Murphy, local artists, taught the children how to paint with water color and make Christmas cards for their parents. After completing the cards, Joel Griffin, FUMC Youth Director, and some of the youth served snacks and led games that ran off some of that kid energy.

Goofy Photo

Families were reunited for lunch at West End Pizza and a free afternoon to explore the town, ice skate, nap, etc.

Saturday evening everyone gathered at the First Baptist Church for "Italian Night" dinner and Sunshine the Clown.  Kids young & old loved her.  The way she involves the children in her magic tricks is great!! Prior to dinner the children presented their works of art to their parents.  It was a nice surprise for mom and dad.
Sunshine's Arrival
Admiring Their Child's Art Work

Admiring Their Childrens Art Work 
The success of this retreat and all of the events organized by the Wounded Warriors at Nebo is dependent on the generosity of the Fredericksburg community.  It takes many volunteers and donations to bring everything together. Many Thank You's go to the following food providers, kitchen help, volunteers, merchants who discounted rates, other donors.  
Zion Lutheran Church                              Fredericksburg United Methodist Church
First Baptist Church                                 Donna Lafferty
Louise Murphy                                         Joel Griffin
Will Cooke                                               Esten Cooke
Sadie Eidson                                            Sloan Ball
Clear River Pecan Company                    In on Baron's Creek
West End Pizza

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Veterans Healing Through Connection - FREE to the Military

Several months ago the Caron Foundation reached out to us asking if we would be interested in partnering with them.  They have launched a couples counseling program. It's an intense three days of group therapy.  We agreed to look into the possibility and let them know.

Caron is based in Pennsylvania and have been doing drug and alcohol rehabilitation for 60 years. They have a really good reputation. Check out their website (  The literature they left us sounded like their program would be exactly what we have been wanting.  Something to help the wounded warriors on a deeper level.  We asked a local Christian therapist to look into it and give us her opinion.  She also attended the December retreat in Leaky as an observer.  In addition, we had two couples (both retired military) attend incognito to evaluate the counseling from a recipients prospective.  They all came back with very positive reports.  Both couples agreed that it was intense but very effective.  They recommended we go forward.  The therapist said there were many "AHA Moments" for the participants.  She also said it looked like what we have been wanting to do.

So, we will be working out details with Caron regarding what "partnering" looks like.  In the mean time they have two weekends already scheduled.  If you are interested contact Amy Durham at (484)345-2619/ or visit

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cards R Fun

Last Tuesday Lisa brought two Christmas cards for the class to make.  The first one required sponging and embossing (we got to play with the heat gun).  The really fun thing about this card is that everyone could do their own thing with color and shape of hills.  One of the "first timers" was Ben from Fort Hood.  He wandered into the craft room and after some encouragement joined us. Jackie helped him get started and Paula, who joins us regularly, helped with tips along the way.  It's official - men use darker, bolder colors than women.

Ben, Jackie, Paula


The second card went together very quickly.  Lisa had all the parts pre-cut so it was basically assemble, stamp and glue. That was a good thing since the first one took most of the class time.
Alice, Ben Jackie, Paula Lisa, Angelia

All in all we had a good time (as usual) and Ben assured us he would be back in January!

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